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Posted on September 01, 2021 at 20:32 (GMT +00:00) by Colin

MusLib is a cutting-edge server and client software that seamlessly integrates with the MusLib ontology for storing and organizing digitalized objects and collections. Initially developed with a focus on museums, it has since evolved to support multiple ontologies and can accommodate new ontologies without requiring any software modifications.

Our revolutionary software has gained attention from several paper authors and is currently utilized by numerous museums in Bulgaria. Our commitment to continuous innovation has resulted in the creation of the latest version of MusLib, which has been built from the ground up to function similarly to a web server.

One of the standout features of our latest version is the custom pre-processor that employs the Lua script language to facilitate the hassle-free addition of new pages for the client and API functionality. This novel feature allows for the easy creation of an entire website that can be hosted on MusLib software to provide publicly accessible information about your collections and/or objects.

Our software is designed to meet the highest standards of performance, security, and ease of use. With MusLib, you can efficiently manage and organize digital collections while providing seamless access to information about your objects. Our software is adaptable and can cater to the specific needs of your organization, making it an indispensable tool for museum professionals and researchers alike.

In summary, MusLib is a revolutionary software solution that simplifies the storage and organization of digital collections while providing access to public information about objects. Our software is designed to meet the specific needs of museums and researchers and is built to the highest standards of performance, security, and ease of use.

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