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Arma Smoke and Chemlight dropper function

Posted on September 30, 2018 at 15:57 (GMT +00:00) by Colin

Just a quick post today, a function to help my friend Rick out, thought I might as-well post it for others to use.

PX_fnc_dropEventSmoke = {	
	_this spawn {
		params ["_side", "_pos", "_height"];
		private ["_smoke", "_chem"];
		if (_side == WEST) then {
			_chem = "Chemlight_blue";
			_smoke = "SmokeShellBlue";
		} else {
			if (_side == EAST) then {
				_chem = "Chemlight_red";
				_smoke = "SmokeShellRed";
			} else {
				_chem = "Chemlight_green";
				_smoke = "SmokeShellGreen";				
		private _obj = createVehicle [_chem, (_pos vectorAdd [0,0,_height]), [], 0, ""];
		sleep 1;
		_obj = createVehicle [_smoke, (_pos vectorAdd [0,0,_height]), [], 0, ""];						

Place this function inside of your init.sqf or in another file of your choice. Next, when you want smoke to be dropped (with a chem), for the event you just need to call this function.

Let's say you want to drop smoke over a captured AO or Tower, make sure you have your tower object as a variable. Then call the function like so:

[WEST, getPos AO, 1000] call PX_fnc_dropEventSmoke;

This will drop blue chem and smoke over the AO at 1000m, need help? Drop me a comment.

/signing off